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General Information – Applicable Terms
The following conditions hold for all offers, bids, deliveries, and services made by the selling party. These apply to all present and future business agreements. By visiting the web site or purchasing in the house shop, the customer accepts the conditions and general terms of the sales corporation. Any additional or special agreements may only enter the contract through written confirmation from our corporation. This also applies to the changes made to the original written contract. Otherwise general business terms apply.

Contract Agreement, Prices
All offers made on these internet pages are subject to change. Any order made by the customer is understood as interest in purchase. If not stated otherwise, the customer will be held to the purchase order for 30 days – without any other legal stipulations. A contract is first drawn when the order is confirmed or the delivery is made by the selling party. Once a customer selects an item through the electronic ordering system, the salesperson confirms immediate receipt of the order. This confirmation does not necessarily represent acceptance of the order. The receipt confirmation can however be accompanied by a declaration of acceptance. The formal contract (confirmation of order fulfilment) follows under the condition that the selling party or agent thereof properly and punctually delivers the property.. This covers any case of improper delivery by the selling party or a separate agreement made through other delivery agents. The customer receives information regarding availability of service within one week. Substitutions or exchanges are immediately negotiated. If the customer (§ 13 BGB) orders the item electronically, the contract wording is saved by the selling party and sent as e-mail to the customer, when desired, along with the general business conditions of agreement.

Conditions of Use
This Home Page is prepared for you by BRILLANT Fuhrparkverwaltung GmbH (Fleet Administration Corp.). Use of this site implies your understanding of the following conditions: BRILLANT Fleet Administration Corp. grants the customer the unlimited and non-transferrable right to use the site in the following manner: downloading and personal use of information and materials as long as it is not for commercial purposes not otherwise agreed to through merchant co-operation. All information remains the property of BRILLANT Fleet Administration Corp. The same applies to prepared copies. Copyright laws apply to reprints of downloaded information which may not be removed or altered. The information may not in any way be changed, reproduced, evaluated, distributed or in any way be used for public or commercial purposes with the exception of a possible business collaboration (merchant co-operation). Nor can this information be passed on by any means to a third party. Any attempted interruption in the functioning of the site is prohibited. No usage rights exist beyond this point.

This site and its content (text, pictures, graphics, data, etc.) stand under the protection of copyright laws and other stipulations regarding personal art. The customer bears the responsibility of acknowledging the conditions of these laws. BRILLANT Fleet Administration Corp. retains all rights regarding patents and label/logo rights, etc.

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The BRILLANT Fleet Management Corp. cannot be held liable for any type of complaints resulting from usage of the site, unless harmful intent or callous carelessness can be proven. BRILLANT Fleet Management Corp. maintains the right to make changes to the site at any time and without warning. The content of the site can be corrected, changed, expanded or deleted at our discretion.

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International Use and Legal Restrictions
This site is operated and administered by BRILLANT Fleet Management Corp. BRILLANT Fleet Management Corp. provides no guarantee for the compatibility and access of the information contained when used within or outside of the Federal Republic of Germany. You may not use this site or transfer this material if this action in any way violates export laws and restrictions of the Federal Republic of Germany. When accessing this site outside of Germany, the user holds responsibility for respecting local ordinances. These conditions of use fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany. Any claims for legal action must be made within one (1) year of the alleged violation. Should one or more of these conditions become ineffective or lead to a loophole in regulations, previous rules remain intact.

Brillant Fuhrparkverwaltung GmbH
Am Niederfeld 2
D-85664 Hohenlinden

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