Maintaining a fleet of vehicles is a costly investment involving numerous issues with specialized aspects.

This demands a specific infrastructure with suitable computer/software programs run by professionals, who possess the pertinent skills for the various situations.

All vehicle costs are – without exception – carefully audited to enable smooth fleet management.

Among other things, this includes:

–  The cost-intensive item “fuel” can require 30-40% of the total overhead. At any rate, it involves bookkeeping (receipts with dates, quantities, prices, etc.) and the proper evaluation per vehicle, per site or for the whole fleet.

–  Invoices for repairs and maintenance must be carefully audited regarding conditions such as hourly labor wages of the manufacturer or importing business as well as the appropriate technical knowledge.

–  Accidents or parking damage must be processed and corrected.

–  Proper vehicle insurance regarding premium costs and deductibles.

–  Delivering vehicles and evaluating or transferring used cars.



Should a personal or custom package enter the picture, then these exceptions often require additional investments and legal consultation.

If your corporation wishes to remain competitive on a permanent basis, then our efficient fleet management can create advantages for you to save money in the long run. You can test our options for purchasing fleet services or inventory.

Corporations usually select various vehicle models from different manufacturers in order to suit certain technical or personal needs.

Fleets with variety naturally have more success. Therefore the main concern for corporations lies in finding the fleet with differing models and styles, but keeping things simple with a single administrative system.

We are able to fill these demands in ideal fashion as an independent service corporation free of manufacturer ties and beyond their influence. Through years of experience we have developed the necessary relationship network and have the proper infrastructure at our disposal.

For additional details and description of services fell free to schedule an appointment for personal consultation. We can introduce you to the proper package to suit your needs.

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